DAVE MARTIN and FRIENDS - Dance Music 50's, 60's and 70's
 Dave started singing with a band called "The Vibrations" in 1961. The band became "Dave Martin and The Illusions" in 1963 after a few changes. After 4 years in the Navy (1968-1972), Dave got back into music in 1973, started playing drums, played locally for the next 5 years and went on the road in 1978 with a group called "Fancy". Playing drums and singing some vocals. Had to give up playing drums after 26 years. Doing music ranging from the late 1940's up to a few songs from the 1980's. From the Doobie Brothers to Frank Sinatra to Bobby Darin and Dean Martin, including Doo Wop Music. 

Roy Hessling is a vocalist formerly with "The Younger Brothers" and "King Of Hearts". He also is working with Dave Walkenhorst on occasion and still has some other commitments left, which means he will not be available for all performances with us, but for many. As I'm sure you know, Roy is an excellent vocalist and performer, doing "Elvis" impersonation very well.
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